Jože Volarič

26. 5. – 9. 10. 2022


Jože Volarič is one of the few self-taught artists working in steel. He chose a medium he knew; he learned about steel in school and later taught metalworking as a profession. Jože Volarič created a significant number of small-format works, as well as several bigger sculptures that are shown in public spaces in various towns.  The Trebnje Gallery of Naïve Artists is exhibiting his works for the first time in a solo exhibition. With the cooperation of Gorenjski muzej and several private owners, the Trebnje Gallery prepared an exhibition to mark the 90th anniversary of the artist’s birth and the 10th anniversary of his death as well as his connection to the Valley of Temenica and Mirna rivers.

Tomaž Hartman, Bits and pieces

24. 2. 2022 − 18. 5. 2022


The exhibition presents the works of Tomaž Hartman, winner of the 53rd International Meeting of Naive Artists in Trebnje. He collects the materials for his assemblages in forests, old houses, but mostly along the coast. These objects have already been transformed by human hands in the past and by assembling them together the artist gave them a new life and a new meaning. In this way, he connects the past with the present and encourages us to reconsider the relationship between humankind and nature in the future.

The International Meeting Point of Self-taught Artists

28. 10. 2021 − 10. 2. 2022


In collaboration with six museums from Croatia, Italy, and Serbia, an exhibition of recognizable and established foreign authors of naive and self-taught art was organised to mark the 50th anniversary of the Trebnje Gallery of Naive Artists. The exhibition was carefully prepared in dialogue with the gallery's permanent exhibition, which in opposition presents 37 artworks made by Slovenian artists. The exhibition as a whole considered the work of the institutions included in the exhibition so far and offered starting points for future work.

The exhibition included 34 works of art from the Fondazione Un Paese in Luzzara (Italy), Gallery of Naive Arts in Kovačica (Serbia), Croatian Museum of Naive Art in Zagreb (Croatia), Matija Skurjeni Museum in Zaprešić (Croatia), Gallery of Naive Art Hlebine that operates within Museum of Koprivnica (Croatia) and from the Museum of Naive and Marginal Art in Jagodina (Serbia).

Permanent exhibition of the Gallery of Naive Artists Trebnje – Slovenian room

Matija Skurjeni, Dreams and surrealist paintings

13. 5. 2021 − 26. 9. 2021


Matija Skurjeni is a Croatian painter, who was described by Ante Žaja in the preface of the catalogue as a visionary and researcher of the human mind, spirit, and subconscious. This artist, who was recognised by the Paris surrealists as one of their own, created original and unique poetics. The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with the Matija Skurjeni Museum from Zaprešić, which keeps an extensive donation of the artist's works. Three of the artist's works are also kept in the collection of gallery in Trebnje.

Samaneh Atef, Awareness

4. 3. 2021 − 2. 5. 2021


Samaneh Atef Derakhshan was presented at the solo exhibition Awareness as the winner of the 52nd International Meeting of Naive Artists in Trebnje. The artworks offered a carefully selected story that highlights many different discourses associated with the conscious and subconscious, personal and social, feminism and patriarchy.

From the Time of Walking on Foot until Today

3. 10. 2020−14. 2. 2021


The exhibition presented Rudi Stopar and Darja Lobnikar Lovak, two artists, friends, and regular participants of the International Meeting of Naive Artists in Trebnje. The city of Trebnje significantly influenced their art, while the International Meeting of Naive Artists greatly encouraged their artistic development. The exhibition marked their shared journey with a retrospective selection of Rudi Stopar's sculptures and Darja Lobnikar Lovak's paintings, which take us back to the time when life was slower, through important life events, and finally to their affiliation with each other and the Gallery of Naïve Artists.

MARC BOURLIER, Incarnation of Time

27. 2. 2020 − 27. 9. 2020


The exhibition presented works from the artists' collection that illustrated more than twenty years of his artistic creation. Marc Bourlier, the winner of the 51st Trebnje International Meeting of Naive Artists, has an incredible sense for composition when he assembles pieces of alluvial wood into stunning, satirical, and ironic pieces of art. He draws his inspiration from his knowledge of art history as well as many non-European cultures that he had the opportunity to encounter in the past. His figures challenge the established view of loneliness and existence through irony, and exaggeration.