Gallery postcards

The collection of the Trebnje Gallery of Naive Artists represents an important epicentre of self-taught and naive art in Slovenia and beyond. For its half-century existence, it has been providing the professional and general public and the artists with a meeting point, as well as a bridge to the international cultural space. 50 years of the Gallery’s collection policy have resulted in a rich collection of over 1300 works, and the Gallery’s archives contain an extensively documented history of its activity.

The series Gallery Postcards, produced by CIK Trebnje, summarises this rich history of the Gallery as a unique Slovenian institution in this field by presenting individual sets of permanently exhibited works from the Gallery’s collection through five episodes.

The scriptwriter Kristina Gregorčič conceived the five postcards as a presentation of the five exhibition spaces, in which “we will pay tribute to each of the five decades of the Trebnje Gallery”.

The Slovenian Room

The first postcard focuses on the works of Slovenian artists. It presents the period of the founding of the Meeting of Naive Artists in 1968 and the Trebnje Gallery of Naive Artists in 1971, the enthusiasm of the Meeting participants, the many visitors and the most recognisable names of naive and self-taught art in Slovenia after World War II.

Enlivening the video recordings of the exhibition with interpretations of folk songs are Miro Božič (harmonica) and Benjamin Barbarič (guitar).

Slovenska soba

The Yugoslav Room

The second postcard focuses on Trebnje’s links with artists in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. It recalls the lavish group exhibitions called Salons and the award recipients, recognisable names of the world’s naive art.

Musically enriching this room is Zoltan Peter (piano).

Jugoslovanska soba

The Room of Artists from Five Continents

The third postcard reminds the viewer of the infinitude of art, of the artists from almost fifty countries across the world who have visited Trebnje and whose works now enrich the Gallery’s collection.

Enriching the pictorial material are Jan Gričar (saxophone) and Zoltan Peter (piano).

Galerijske razglednice: III soba umetnikov petih celin

The Temporary Exhibitions Room

The fourth postcard outlines the eventful history that has shaped the work of the Trebnje Gallery of Naive Artists.

Matej Kužel (saxophone, clarinet), Nejc Škofic (piano) and Jan Gregorka (double bass) have enriched the pictorial material.

Galerijske razglednice: IV soba začasnih razstav

Self-taught Artists Park

The fifth postcard presents the sculptural part of the collection of the Trebnje Gallery of Naive Artists.  Smaller formats are on display at the Gallery, while the larger ones can be found at the Trebnje Centre for Education and Culture and at Self-taught Artists Park.

Enhancing the pictorial material are Ema Pavlič (soprano), Jan Čibej (marimba, xylophone), Zoltan Peter (piano), and Anita Veršec (zither).