International meeting of naive artists Trebnje

The first art camp/Meeting of naïve artist was held in Trebnje in 1968 with 9 artists participating.  At the beginning the art camps and exhibitions were focused on Yugoslav naïve art. However the annual meetings and exhibitions have soon grown to international scale with artists coming from all around the world to participate in the Meeting.

In all this years the gallery has been professionally supported by the Art Board/Expert Board consisting of members with well-established names in the art world.

Among them were: dr. Zoran Kržišnik (director of Moderna galerija from 1957 until 1986) who was the president of the Art Board until his death in 2008, dr. Mirko Juteršek (art critic and for a time professor of the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Arts), Janez Gartnar, Nebojša Tomašević, Aleksander Bassin (art critic and director of City gallery Ljubljana betwen 1989 and 2009), Gerhard Ledić, Andrej Pavlovec, Oto Bihalji Merin, Josip Depolo and Blaž Peršin.