Thursday,s harmonies

The 5th concert from Thursday’s harmonies Duration: 25th July 2019 9.30 pm On the last Concert of Thursday’s harmonies  a string quartet will be presented, whose members are internationally established Musicians who received numerous awards for their artistic creation: Tanja Sonc, violin (Slovenia) Boris Bor, violin (France) Ribal Molaeb, viola (Lebanon) Marc Girard Garcia, cello

Conversation with Irena Polanec

Conversation with Irena Polanec 13th June 2018 8 pm you Will be able to listen to the conversation with the artist Irena Polanec, whose exhibition Irena Polanec, Pisma Evi is at our gallery. Impressions from the meeting…

The opening ceremony: Saturday, 8th June in 2019, at 8 pm in the Gallery of naive artists Trebnje. The opening ceremony will be held by the mayor of the Municipality of Mirna, mister Dušan Skerbiš and the  Musical school Trebnje will take care of musical program. Duration of the 52. International meeting of naive artists

The summer museum night

The summer museum night 15th June 18 pm-00 pm During the summer Museum the gallery will hold the free open gate day. of the Open The gallery will be open free for all visitors who will be able to view the works of the 52nd  International Naive Artists Trebnje, listen to the programme of Elementary